Whipmix Denar® Mark II Semi-Adjustable Articulator

Whipmix Denar® Mark II Semi-Adjustable Articulator

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Mark II Series: Designed for simplicity and accuracy

  • Adjustments: protrusive angle: 0-60°; immediate side shift: 0-4mm; progressive side shift: 5-15°
  • Removable upper member
  • Retaining springs hold members together without being locked in centric
  • Clear finish
  • Positive centric latch
  • 110mm intercondylar distance
  • Rear wall posterior inclination of 25°
  • Straight top wall
  • Comes complete with: 10 disposable mounting plates, and carrying case

Mark II Plus Articulator Features:

  • Adjustable incisal table with tapered incisal pin

Mark II Articulator Features:

  • Custom (flat) incisal table with short round incisal pin

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